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2016 Hall of Fame Inductee
Timmy Brooks

Back in the 17th and 18th centuries, black cowboys often had the toughest jobs. They broke the meanest horses, herded the most cattle and took the hardest jobs, yet were many times referred to as "the forgotten cowboy." Timmy Brooks often breaks the meanest horses and takes the toughest jobs, but Timmy Brooks is far from forgettable.

Timmy Brooks was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1960, to Josie and Carlie Brooks. Growing-up in an impoverished family of 15 children, he fought hard to stand out. While working with his uncle (who taught him about roping), he showed exceptional talent. Starting off at Cowbell, he made a lasting impression. When Brooks started his rodeo dream he would often borrow boots, rope and a horse to compete, but he made sure everyone knew that the talent was his.

Brooks is lauded as a hometown hero for his dedication and commitment to introducing the sport and love of rodeo to youth by providing a positive outlet to help youngsters learn how to ride, rope, bulldog and run barrels. Now, years later, along-side his grandson, Christopher, he holds many school programs for other young cowboys and cowgirls, a number of whom have made it to the NFR. He works every day to make sure they are unforgettable.

And tonight, in the Hall of Fame Timmy "Mule" Brooks will be immortalized forever, as the cowboy we'll all remember.

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